Case studies
  • Fast recruitment of welders within the cross-border posting of workers for a German company

    A company involved in production of specialized agricultural and transport vehicles, trailers and semitrailers, which has two production plants in Germany, signs a large contract. In order to complete the order on time, they must employ 6 welders who are able to weld using the MIG method, who will be employed at one of two plants. Due to difficulties in attracting candidates on the German labour market, the company contacts CPC Consulting and commissions recruitment to them.

  • Employment on a temporary employment contract as a chance to check motivation and skills of a new employee

    A medium size Norway construction company is concerned that they will have to pay penalties for failing to meet deadlines due to an insufficient number of employees. Therefore, they decided to employee additional employees. Due to the lack of appropriate employee on the local market, they attracted 4 candidates from Poland interested in their offer. At the beginning, they did not want to employ new people on a permanent basis; they prefer to enter into temporary employment contracts and check whether they will be suitable for the job. Therefore, they contact CPC Consulting and request assistance in employment and posting of 4 recruited candidates. Additionally, they commission recruitment of 4 more people to CPC Consulting. In both cases candidates are supposed to commence work within cross-border posting of employees.

  • Efficient recruitment of temporary employees for a company providing laundry services in Austria

    An Austrian branch of an international company providing among other laundry services in the period of an increased number of orders must employ additional employees. They are supposed to meet staff shortages during significant absence of permanent employees (annual leave in summer months and during Christmas and New Year’s). The company contacts CPC Consulting and commissions recruitment of appropriate employees who will be employed on a temporary employment contract.