Candidates Guidebook
  • What kind of CVs convince recruiters? Learn 7 methods!

    Your CV (curriculum vitae, or resumé) determines whether you’ll be invited for an interview. Your CV is your calling card, and just like an advertisement, it has to be credible. So treat it as a marketing tool that will help you build a professional image and convince the recruiter that the company will gain by hiring you and no one else. What should you do for your CV to be truly effective? It’s enough to follow a few rules.

  • Would you like to find employment abroad? Stick to the following guidelines

    Seeking a new place of employment is a significant challenge, especially if we wish to find it abroad. Not all vacancies become known to the public. Employers often use other methods to reach candidates. If you want your search to bear fruit, take this into account in your plan of action. Diversifying your channels and undertaking proactive action increases your chances of achieving the goal you have set. Here are four things you can do:

  • Topics most discussed during interviews for work abroad

    An even greater unknown can be the interview for work abroad, for example because most often we do not know the realities of the labour market and the requirements of employers.

  • What you need to know about employment abroad?

    If you make it through all the stages of the recruitment process and the employer offers you a job, you’re still facing the final task: completing the formalities related to hiring.

    The employer will give you a set of documents that must be filled out for the hiring to be complete. If you cannot personally arrive at the CPC Consulting office to sign documents, we can send them via e-mail. However, remember that you are obliged to provide all original documents to the office. You can do it through Poczta Polska or a courier company.